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Blue Flag

Environmental Education for your Beach or Marina

Meet Criterion 2 With Ecodemy Sessions

  • Under criterion 2, Blue Flag Beaches and Marinas must offer at least five different educational activities throughout the Blue Flag season.
  • Sessions can feature any of the following themes:
    • Microplastics
    • Water Conservation
    • Native Plants and Permaculture
    • Climate Change
    • Custom programming
  • We can conduct these sessions in the following contexts:
    • Passive presentation or active participation activities (games, clean-ups, conservation projects)
    • Training sessions (presentations or activities for beach staff, cleaners, and city staff)
    • Website access to Ecodemy.ca virtual programming with access to leaf point rewards and badges

Our Program

Clean Water

Learn about the basics of water conservation, water cycles and how to be an active steward of the water.


See the impact of plastic (especially single-use plastic) on local habitats and wildlife with our Lake Huron Beach Sand Sifting Exercise.

Native Plants

Explore the plants that are native to your area, the benefits they provide and why we must protect them! 

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