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Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method


Introduction (3 minutes) Definition of BREEAM       – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method     – A leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings.    History & Importance       – Development timeline: Originated in the UK in 1990     – Its role in driving sustainability within the construction and real estate industries globally.   —    Key Principles of BREEAM (5 minutes)   Holistic Approach       – Not just about energy efficiency: covers a wide range of environmental and sustainability topics.    Evidence-Based Assessments       – Rigorous evidence and third-party certification process ensure integrity.   Continuous Improvement       – Regularly updated to reflect the latest research, technologies, and best practices.   —    BREEAM Categories & Scoring (6 minutes)   Categories Explained       – Energy     – Health and Well-being     – Innovation     – Land Use and Ecology     – Materials     – Management     – Pollution     – Transport     – Waste     – Water    Scoring and Ratings       – The points system, which leads to ratings: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, and Outstanding.     – Importance of achieving a high BREEAM rating for environmental, social, and financial benefits.   —    BREEAM vs. Other Assessment Tools (3 minutes)   Comparison with LEED, WELL, Green Star, etc.       – High-level differences in approach, coverage, and geographical popularity.   Choosing the Right Tool       – Factors to consider: project location, specific goals, stakeholder requirements.   —    Real-World Applications & Case Studies (2 minutes)   Diverse Application       – Examples from residential, commercial, public, and infrastructure projects.    Benefits Realized       – How achieving high BREEAM ratings impacted energy efficiency, occupant health, and market value.   —    Conclusion and Call to Action (1 minute)   The Bigger Picture       – BREEAM as a part of the global effort to promote sustainability in the built environment.   Encourage Uptake       – Emphasize the benefits of getting a project BREEAM-certified and motivate participants to consider BREEAM in their next project.

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