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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification: 1. Introduction (2 minutes) – Quick overview of the session’s objectives – Importance of sustainable forest management and its global implications 2. Understanding the Forest Stewardship Council (3 minutes) – The origin and mission of the FSC – The role of FSC in global sustainable forestry – Explanation of what FSC certification means 3. Why FSC Certification Matters (3 minutes) – The environmental impact of unsustainable forestry practices – How FSC certification ensures the responsible management of forests – Social and economic benefits of FSC certification 4. The FSC Certification Process (5 minutes) – Explanation of the two types of FSC certification: Forest Management (FM) and Chain of Custody (CoC) – The requirements for obtaining each type of certification – The process of inspection and auditing by accredited certification bodies 5. Understanding the FSC’s Principles and Criteria (4 minutes) – Detailed discussion on the 10 Principles and 70 Criteria that guide FSC-certified operations – Emphasize principles related to indigenous rights, workers’ rights, environmental impact, etc. – Real-world examples of these principles and criteria in action 6. The Role of Businesses and Consumers (2 minutes) – How businesses can support sustainable forestry by choosing FSC certified products – The power of consumer choice in promoting sustainable practices – How to recognize and understand FSC labels 7. Conclusion and Questions (1 minute) – Recap of the key takeaways from the lesson – Encourage ongoing learning and engagement with sustainable practices – Open the floor for questions and further discussion   3rd Party Certification Disclaimer
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