Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark


GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) GRESB is an industry-driven organization that assesses the sustainability performance of real assets around the world, including real estate portfolios and infrastructure assets.  Introduction (2 minutes)    – What is GRESB and why it matters?    – Brief history and evolution of GRESB.   Objectives and Mission of GRESB (2 minutes)    – Assessing and comparing sustainability performance of real assets.    – Improving transparency in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sector.   How GRESB Works (3 minutes)    – Annual Assessments: Real Estate and Infrastructure.    – Key components of the assessment: Management & Policy and Implementation & Measurement.    – Scoring and benchmarking methodology.   Key Benefits of GRESB for Stakeholders (3 minutes)    – For investors: Enhancing decision-making based on ESG factors.    – For managers: Recognizing strengths and areas for improvement in sustainability.    – For the environment: Encouraging sustainable practices in the real estate and infrastructure sectors.   GRESB and its Alignment with Global ESG Initiatives (3 minutes)    – Connections with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).    – Alignment with other sustainability metrics and benchmarks.     Challenges and Critiques (2 minutes)    – Some criticisms of GRESB and how they’re addressed.    – The evolution of the benchmark to improve accuracy and relevance.   Case Study (2 minutes)    – A brief examination of a company or fund that used GRESB assessments to enhance its sustainability efforts and outcomes.   Future of GRESB and ESG in Real Assets (2 minutes)    – Anticipated trends and developments.    – Growing importance of sustainability in real asset investments.   Conclusion and Call to Action (1 minute)    – Importance of participation in GRESB for companies and investors.    – Encouraging attendees to further explore and understand the benefits of GRESB for their respective organizations. 3rd Party Certification Disclaimer
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