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Peace and Climate
About Lesson

Intro and Content Warning

Hello and welcome to our course on climate and peace, presented by the Ecodemy. 

Today we will be talking about threats to peace and security, the general threats of climate change, climate change and its impacts on global security and peace, the reverse interaction of how war impacts climate change, and finally, we will talk about some solutions to the issues outlined in this presentation. 

Before we get too far into this course, we wanted to give a trigger warning that we will be discussing war, suicide, and other forms of violence throughout our presentation today, although these topics will not be explored in detail. Please only access this course at a time that feels right for you.

Follow along with the lesson with our ready-to-present slide deck or click here to access the editable Canva template.

Prefer to read the material at your own pace? Here is the shareable Peace and Climate Report, or click here to access the editable Peace and Climate Template.

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