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Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC)


Course Title: Understanding and Implementing the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Duration: 30 minutes Course Outline: 1. Introduction (5 minutes) – Explanation of SPCC Plan – Importance of SPCC Plan 2. Spill Prevention Measures (5 minutes) – Understanding Potential Risk Areas – Importance of Regular Maintenance and Inspections – Training staff to prevent spills 3. Control Measures (8 minutes) – Understanding Containment and Diversionary Structures – Usage of Safety Valves and Overflow Alarms – Role of Spill Prediction and Equipment Testing 4. Countermeasure Strategies (8 minutes) – Appropriate Response to Different Spill Scenarios – Role of Emergency Response Teams – Waste Minimisation Techniques – Importance of Timely Reporting and Documentation 5. SPCC Plan Development, Implementation and Monitoring (4 minutes) – Steps involved in developing an SPCC Plan – How to effectively implement the SPCC Plan – Ensuring consistent Monitoring, Review and Update of the SPCC Plan Course Conclusion: – Importance of an efficient SPCC Plan in environmental sustainability (2 minutes) – Open forum for questions and answers (2 minutes) Learning Goals: After this course, you should be able to: – Understand the significance of SPCC Plan – Identify potential risk areas and preventive measures – Understand different control measures and countermeasure strategies for spill incidents – Develop, implement and monitor your own SPCC Plan.
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Last Updated:October 4, 2023



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