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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)


Objective: At the end of this lesson, students will be able to define SWPPP, explain its importance, and list the common best management practices associated with SWPPP.   Lesson Plan:   Introduction (5 minutes)         Activity: Start with a thought-provoking question or image. “Have you ever wondered where the rainwater from city streets goes? Or what it might carry with it?”     Discussion: Highlight the importance of clean water in our communities and the threats posed by polluted stormwater.   Definition and Importance of SWPPP (5 minutes)       Slide/Whiteboard: Define SWPPP: “A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is a document that outlines how a construction project will minimize stormwater pollution.”     Discussion: Highlight the difference between stormwater and regular wastewater. Explain how stormwater can pick up pollutants as it flows over various surfaces and eventually discharges untreated into local water bodies.     Video Clip: Show a 1-2 minute video clip illustrating stormwater pollution and its effects.   Components of SWPPP (5 minutes)       Slide/Whiteboard: List main components such as:      – Site description      – Potential pollutant sources      – Control measures and best management practices (BMPs)      – Schedule for inspections      – Employee training      – Record-keeping and reporting procedures     Discussion: Briefly delve into the purpose of each component.   Best Management Practices (BMPs) (5 minutes)       Slide/Whiteboard: Introduction to BMPs: “Methods employed to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff.”     Examples: Silt fences, sediment basins, grassed swales, and more.     Activity: Show images of various BMPs and discuss their functionalities. For instance, how a silt fence prevents eroded soil from leaving a site.   Importance of Compliance and Regular Monitoring (3 minutes)       Discussion: Explain the regulatory context of SWPPPs and the penalties for non-compliance.     Slide/Whiteboard: Highlight how regular monitoring ensures effectiveness and adjustments over time.   Real-life Case Study (1 minute)       Share a short case study or anecdote about a place that successfully implemented a SWPPP and saw improvements OR about a site that faced penalties due to negligence.   Conclusion and Q&A (1 minute)       Recap main points.
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