Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Understanding the SFI – Sustainable Forestry Initiative I. Introduction (2 minutes) A. Brief overview of the lesson B. Definition of key terms: Sustainability, Forestry, and SFI II. Background of Sustainable Forestry (3 minutes) A. Importance of sustainable forestry B. Consequences of unsustainable forestry C. Transition to sustainable forestry III. Introduction to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) (3 minutes) A. History and mission of SFI B. Role in promoting sustainable forestry C. Scope and reach of SFI (national, regional, global) IV. Key Principles and Standards of SFI (4 minutes) A. Sustainable Forest Management Principles B. SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard C. SFI Chain of Custody Standard D. Overview of the SFI Forest Management Standard E. The importance of third-party certification V. SFI in Action (4 minutes) A. Real-world examples of SFI-certified forests B. Success stories from SFI initiatives C. Discuss the impact of SFI on the industry and environment VI. The Future of Forestry with SFI (2 minutes) A. Emerging trends and challenges in sustainable forestry B. SFI’s role in addressing future challenges C. Opportunities for innovation and collaboration VII. Conclusion and Questions (2 minutes) A. Recap of the key points of the lesson B. Open the floor for questions and discussion   3rd Party Certification Disclaimer
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