Wildlife Incident Reporting System (WIRS)


Wildlife Incident Reporting System – A Primer Course Duration: 30 Minutes Course Outline: I. Introduction (5 minutes) A. Welcome and Instructor Introduction B. Course Overview: Brief explanation about what will be covered during this seminar C. Importance of Wildlife Incident Reporting System (WIRS) II. Background of Wildlife Incident Reporting System (5 minutes) A. History and Evolution of WIRS B. The Global Necessity for WIRS C. Role of WIRS in Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity Protection III. Understanding WIRS (7 minutes) A. Basic Concept: Exploration of what the WIRS is B. System Structure: Explanation of the structure and composition of WIRS C. Functioning of WIRS: Overview of how WIRS works IV. Reporting in WIRS (7 minutes) A. When to report: Criteria for incidents requiring reporting B. Who can report: Outline of the people authorized or obligated to report incidents C. Incident Reporting Procedure: Step by step guidance on how to make a report D. Importance of Accurate Reporting: Highlighting the significance of precision in reporting V. The Impact of WIRS on Wildlife Conservation (4 minutes) A. Review of some case studies where WIRS played a crucial role in wildlife protection B. Current Trends and Future Prospects VI. Question & Answer Session (2 minutes) A. Addressing participant queries and doubts related to WIRS VII. Summary and Close (1 minute) A. Recap of the key points covered during the session B. Encourage participants to utilize their knowledge and engage in wildlife incident reporting Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, the participants will be able to: 1. Understand the importance and role of WIRS in wildlife conservation. 2. Confidently navigate the WIRS and its structure. 3. Know when and how to report a wildlife incident. 4. Understand the significance of accurate incident reporting for conservation efforts. *Please note that the timings are approximate and can be adjusted according to the flow of the session and the responsiveness of the course participants.
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Last Updated:September 29, 2023