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Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 Course

Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 Training Tool Kit Graphic

Introducing Ecodemy’s latest course: Environmental Impacts of COVID-19

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are starting to see data on a variety of environmental impacts stemming from our new behaviours over the timeline of COVID-19. COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is a disease caused by a virus named SARS-CoV-2. It started spreading at the end of 2019 and became a pandemic disease in 2020.

This course discusses the COVID-19 timeline and history, how it relates to the environment, the positive and negative effects the pandemic had and continues to have on the environment, figures emerging from the data, and as always, some key takeaways that you can implement into your own life.

Ecodemy Education’s purpose is to deliver engaging sustainability education tools to build a foundation for a greener future. This Material Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #12 and #14.

Toolkit Features:

  • HD video Training course with Knowledge Check Quiz and Verifiable Certificate of Completion
  • Social Media Posts and Reusable Canva Templates
  • Presentation Slide Deck and Reusable Canva Template
  • Shareable written reports for your company’s publications and newsletters and Reusable Canva Template

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Check out our course on Environmental Impacts of COVID-19

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