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My Journey to Ecodemy

As a recent graduate in Business specializing in Global Commerce from the University of Western Ontario, I was eager to explore the job market and find a fulfilling role that aligns with my values and aspirations. However, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find any position that truly resonated with me and provided me with the sense of purpose and passion that I crave in my work.

As someone who needs to find fulfillment in their work to put out maximum effort and thrive, I started to reflect on my journey and what truly motivates me. I realized that I find fulfillment in helping others and contributing to a better world. This led me to discover the innovative world of environmental sustainability.

Growing up in Ontario, I developed a deep connection with nature through camping, biking, and exploring the great outdoors. I wanted to join the community of creative, passionate, and driven innovators working to take care of our planet.  So in the summer of 2022, I began working with a personal mentor to develop solar infrastructure in developing countries. I took pride in supporting communities through the development of sustainable energy sources. I knew that supporting the development of sustainable practices was where I wanted to be.

Having very little experience in the field of sustainability, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability (MES) at the University of Western Ontario in the fall of 2022. This allowed me to expand my knowledge and develop relevant skills that would enable me to make meaningful contributions to sustainability efforts and the environmental community.

Throughout my journey, I developed an understanding that true sustainability lies at the intersection of three pillars: environmental protection, economic viability, and social equity. Achieving sustainability requires navigating contextual puzzles to find solutions that balance and accommodate all three pillars.

For the CO-OP component of my MES program, I was eager to find a role that would allow me to support the development of sustainable practices. That’s when I came across Ecodemy, and I immediately believed in the concept and the need for it in the marketplace.

Coming from a business background, I understand that small to medium-sized businesses face social and financial pressures to adopt sustainable behavior. That being said, many lack the time, knowledge, and resources to address these challenges. That’s where Ecodemy comes in – I believe their mission to support the planet through supporting people will play a key role in building a sustainable future.

I’m thrilled to be part of the awesome team of passionate individuals at Ecodemy. We are developing innovative training courses on up-and-coming environmental topics and supporting businesses on their path toward sustainability. I’m excited to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to this mission, and I look forward to making a meaningful positive impact in the world of sustainability.

Matt Policicchio

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Western University Masters of Environment and Sustainability

In the Spring of 2020, I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Psychology and Sociology. It was at the onset of the pandemic and I had moved back home to Sarnia. I had become intertwined with the Environmental sector in both Sarnia and Guelph and was continuing to learn about the climate crisis on my own time. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a job, but the environment was calling for my attention in my free time. Upon graduation, a friend and I ended up starting a digital marketing business to help small businesses in Sarnia transition to online ordering and marketing techniques. I found great joy in our work, however there was still a strong pull towards environmental work. I was continually inspired to pursue environmental work in the form of a hobby or volunteer activities. 


Ecodemy Co-Op Experience

As a future educator, environmental issues and topics are very important to me and something I plan to integrate into my classroom: I want to help my students to become environmental stewards and realize the power and potential they hold when it comes to taking a stand for our planet. Because of my appreciation for the environment and my dedication to constantly evolving my knowledge around environmental issues, I reached out to Ecodemy to complete my placement. The Ecodemy leaders so graciously accepted me to work with them for three weeks, allowing me to learn from them, collaborate with them, and to further enhance my knowledge about such important environmental topics while also advancing my green skills.

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