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Environmental, Social, and Governance Tool Kit

In the 1980s, the United Nations created a task force called the “Brundtland Commission” that sought to publish a report looking at the relationship between the environment and economic development. The project was crucial because there appeared to be a trend in which economic development commonly resulted in causing harm to the environment, or social and environmental development did not translate to a thriving economy. 

In the report, the task force defined sustainability to be “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition is broken down into three key pillars of sustainability.

Each kit includes a Training Video with Knowledge Check and Certificate, a Badge to collect, a Certificate to show off your learning, 10+ Social Media Posts and Templates to help spread the word, a PDF Report and Template to distribute, and a Presentation Slide Deck with Template to make your work in the community easier.

Our purpose at Ecodemy is to create ready-to-use Sustainability tools to accelerate our movement.

This material may support your understanding of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal numbers:


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"The Ecodemy is an extremely useful and multifunctional platform designed for anyone looking to become more conscious about their sustainability impact, to sustainable and ESG professionals looking to advance their knowledge."


“I recently had the pleasure of exploring Ecodemy, and I must say, it has been an incredible experience. As someone deeply passionate about environmental education and sustainability, I was thrilled to discover this platform, and it has exceeded all my expectations.”

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