Sustainable Office Basics


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What’s Included?: 

Key Areas of Concern 

  • Why create a sustainable office?
  • Energy, tech, paper usage, lighting, extras (coffee, food, etc), reusables, cleaning products

Goal Options:

  • Net Zero, Zero Waste, LEED-certified building

Net Zero 

  • Calculate your impact 
  • Reduce your impact
  • Offset remainder

Zero Waste

  • Conduct an audit
  • Implement a plan for reduction
  • Create a responsible disposal plan

LEED Certification

  • View types of accreditation and make a plan
  • Make appropriate upgrades to buildings
  • Registration and application

Final and Most Important Step? 

  • Advertise!

Activity #1: Complete Step One For Net Zero Operations

Activity #2: Complete Step One for Either LEED or Zero Waste!