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Environmental Sustainability Training and Media Tool Kits

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Don’t just take our word for it

The Ecodemy is a standout platform for sustainability beginners and professionals Their courses covered sustainability topics, from unique Canadian policies to general green business practices. But what really wowed me was their onboarding process. It's very intuitive, user-friendly, and made signing up and choosing courses easy. The learning platform was easy to navigate, and their support team (shoutout to Tim!) is always there to help with any questions. Once I got into the courses, I was very happy with the details and believe each course had great background and application information. If you're into sustainability and want to learn more, The Ecodemy is the place to be!
Divya Vaghela
MSc, Master of Environment and Sustainability
Ecodemy is a fantastic way for business' and individuals to gain knowledge on a variety of sustainability topics. From Construction Waste to Microplastics to Canada's Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act, there is a subject for everyone. Not only did I enjoy the educational information on a professional level but i was able to carry that information into my personal life. If you are looking for a way to step up or even refresh your knowledge on a variety of environmental courses, Ecodemy is the way to go.
Alicia Babbage
MSc, Master of Environment and Sustainability
The Ecodemy is a must-have learning asset for sustainability professionals and sustainability enthusiasts alike. Its flexible offerings, concise yet engaging courses, and ever-expanding library of content will help you stay up-to-date on pressing and emerging climate issues and solutions. It is perfect for busy lifelong learners eager to make a difference in the world.
REEM kambris
MSc, Master of Environment and Sustainability

Top 10 Jobs In Sustainability

    1. Environmental Scientist: Investigates and analyzes environmental problems and develops solutions to protect the environment.
    1. Sustainability Consultant: Works with organizations to help them reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability practices.
    1. Environmental Engineer: Designs and implements projects that prevent or mitigate environmental damage, such as pollution control, waste management, and water treatment.
    1. Conservation Scientist: Focuses on protecting natural resources through proper management and conservation techniques.
    1. Climate Change Analyst: Studies the effects of climate change and advises governments and organizations on mitigation and adaptation strategies.
    1. Renewable Energy Engineer: Works on the development, design, and implementation of renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.
    1. Environmental Educator: Teaches the public and students about environmental issues and promotes awareness and understanding of sustainability.
    1. Environmental Policy Analyst: Researches and analyzes policies related to the environment and sustainability, and helps in the formulation and implementation of new policies.
    1. Sustainability Manager: Oversees the sustainability initiatives within a company or organization, working to reduce waste, energy consumption, and environmental impact.
    1. Urban Planner: Focuses on the sustainable development of urban areas, ensuring that growth is balanced with environmental protection and community needs.

Included in Each Kit

Video Training

Each Kit contains video courseware to get up to date on the latest topics or to train the whole team on your company LMS. Use the tools the pros do!


Stay up to date with requirements for various professional development standards.

Hydrogen Fuel Slide Deck

Presentation Slide Decks

Need to lead with a presentation to Stakeholders? Use our reusable and ready-to-present Presentation Slide Decks with Canva Templates.


Prefer to get up to speed on tablet or by email? Find an included PDF Report and Canva Template to follow along with.

Social Media Posts

Each Kit contains beautifully crafted posts and templates that are ready to reuse for your campaign.


Earn Points toward environmental sustainability activities and take action after your learning.

Top 10-20 Jobs In Sustainability

    1. Waste Management Specialist: Specializes in the proper disposal, recycling, and treatment of waste, working to minimize environmental impact.
    1. Environmental Compliance Specialist: Ensures that companies and organizations comply with environmental laws and regulations.
    1. Water Resource Specialist: Manages and protects water resources, working on issues like water conservation, quality, and distribution.
    1. Agricultural Sustainability Specialist: Focuses on sustainable farming practices that minimize environmental impact while maintaining productivity.
    1. Environmental Journalist: Reports on environmental issues, helping to raise public awareness and understanding of sustainability challenges.
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager: Leads efforts within a company to balance business goals with social and environmental responsibilities.
    1. Environmental Economist: Studies the economic aspects of environmental issues, including the cost and benefits of various policies and practices.
    1. Wildlife Biologist: Focuses on the conservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats.
    1. Sustainable Design Architect: Designs buildings and spaces that minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, using sustainable materials and practices.
    1. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officer: Responsible for ensuring that an organization’s operations comply with environmental and safety regulations.

Want to know if a career in sustainability is right for you?

  • Take a short course: Build on your existing skills with a short course by Ecodemy in under 30 minutes.
  • Get Rewarded: Learning should be fun! Get Leaf points along the way.
  • Earn a Certificate: Show off your new knowledge with a Badge or Certificate.

Brush Up On Consumer Focused Sustainability


What do you do?

Ecodemy Education Inc. provides learning resources on various Environment and Sustainability topics.

What guarantee do I get?

Ecodemy memberships are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. Contact hello@ecodemy.ca if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your membership. 

What do Ecodemy Tool Kits include?

Ecodemy environmental sustainability training and education tool kits include a thoroughly researched course curriculum comprised of video learning segments, knowledge check quizzes, activities, shareable social media posts, and a reusable presentation slide deck.

How do I take an Ecodemy Course?

Ecodemy courses are delivered online using a standard video player. Review the videos making notes as you go along. Complete the knowledge check quiz to reinforce the learning. Take some time to review the activity, reflecting on your learning while you come up with a solution.

How do I use these kits?

Share and use this content anywhere you need reliable and professional media content and training tools for environmental topics. Find more creative ways to use our material with our How To

What do I receive for completing a course?

In addition to the educational benefit and the feeling of empowerment by taking action, Ecodemy rewards learning with Leaf Points, a shiny course Badge to display on your profile, and a certificate to show your friends, family, and colleagues. 


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