Timothy Felsky

Co-founder of Ecodemy

I grew up in Sarnia, the son of an oil worker.

I moved to London when I was 17 and lived in London Ontario for 20 years.

Experience: 20 years


My Green Wake Up Call

 In London, we had weekly recycling pickup every 8 days. My home there had an access door from the kitchen to the garage so I could throw away empty containers right away and it would be out of sight until the 8th day when it would go to the curb for recycling. 

When I moved back to Sarnia 18 months ago, my home did not have a door to the garage. Being a bachelor, I would leave cans on the counter in the corner of the kitchen ready to go to the garage at some point. Because Sarnia only has bi-weekly recycling collection, sometimes, embarrassingly, the cans, bottles, jars, and boxes would pile up for 2 weeks before I would take them to the blue box. This made the food packaging and single-use plastics problem impossible to ignore. Meeting Lisa and Melissa opened my eyes to the alternatives.

Expertise & Skills



2019 Master of Science, Digital Currency, University of Nicosia 

2004 Bachelor of Arts, Political Sciences, University of Western Ontario, 


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