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Since the 1970s, humans have understood that our actions and lifestyle have impacts. With an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures, It is clear that climate change is on its way. This Ecodemy course will teach you the causes, risks and impacts of climate change. We highlight the solutions and next steps you can take as well.

Our purpose is to deliver engaging sustainability education tools to build a foundation for a greener future.

This Material Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #13, #14, #15.






About Course

Climate Change is a serious issue facing all global citizens. Do you know the basics?

What I will learn?

  • History of Climate Change
  • The Cause of Climate Change
  • The Risks and Impacts
  • The Solutions
  • What is being done, what are the next steps?

Course Curriculum

Activities Grades K-3

  • Activity Get to Know Climate Change
  • Activity – What can we do to help?

Activities Grades 4-8

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Course level:Intermediate
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Last Updated:July 19, 2023

Material Includes

  • HD Video Course Modules
  • Climate Change Knowledge Check
  • Two Climate Change Activities
  • Climate Change Social Media Posts
  • Climate Change Report