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Net Zero


This condensed course focuses on Net Zero, a crucial concept in the fight against climate change. You’ll learn about the balance of greenhouse gas emissions and the planet’s ability to absorb them. The course covers the science behind Net Zero, including carbon emissions, their effects on the atmosphere, and the significance of carbon sequestration. It also differentiates between Net Zero and Carbon Neutral strategies. Real-world examples like Copenhagen’s innovative approach to achieving Net Zero by 2025 are highlighted, demonstrating the practical application of these concepts in urban sustainability. The course aims to deepen your understanding of Net Zero and its vital role in global sustainability efforts. This Material Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #8,#9,#11, #12, and #13 Ecodemy’s purpose is to deliver engaging sustainability education tools to build a foundation for a greener future. 

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What I will learn?

  • Understanding Net Zero: Grasp the fundamental concept of Net Zero, learning about balancing greenhouse gas emissions with the planet's ability to absorb them, crucial for stabilizing our climate.
  • Carbon Emissions and Their Impact: Explore how human activities, especially fossil fuel burning, transportation, and industrial processes, contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions and their effects on the environment.
  • The Science of Carbon Sequestration: Gain insights into natural and technological methods of carbon sequestration, understanding how forests, oceans, and soils play a vital role in absorbing CO2 and mitigating climate change.
  • Net Zero vs. Carbon Neutral: Differentiate between 'Net Zero' and 'Carbon Neutral', learning about their distinct approaches and implications for global sustainability strategies.
  • Case Studies and Real-World Applications: Study real-world examples like Copenhagen's journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral city, providing practical insights into the implementation of Net Zero strategies in urban environments.
  • Personal and Collective Action for Net Zero: Recognize the importance of individual contributions to achieving Net Zero, learning how personal choices and collective actions can drive significant environmental change.

Course Curriculum

Understanding Net Zero

  • Intro to Net Zero
  • Origins of Net Zero
  • Knowledge Check 1
  • Science of Net Zero
  • Net Zero versus Carbon Neutral
  • Pathways to Net Zero
  • Challenges to Net Zero
  • Knowledge Check 2
  • Success Stories
  • What can we do?
  • Knowledge Check 3

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3 months ago
A very brief overview of what net zero is and how to achieve it
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Course level:Beginner
Course Duration: 35m
Last Updated:January 17, 2024

Material Includes

  • Video Training
  • Knowledge Check Quiz and Certificate
  • Presentation Slide Deck and Template
  • PDF Report and Template
  • Social Media Posts and Templates



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