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Energy Grids Course

Introducing Ecodemy’s latest course: Energy Grids

The energy grid is the connected network of systems that is used to deliver electricity from producers to consumers. The Energy grid includes three distinct components, often hundreds or thousands of miles apart—generation, transmission and distribution. Every region has different power production sources, structures, and reach. Most countries have connected all of their power distributors to provide their country’s most potent power source.

This course explores the history of the energy grid, how the grid works, main sources of energy, facts about the Ontario power grid, barriers to clean energy and what you can do to support the transition to clean energy. Power generation for the grid comes from various sources; wind, solar, power plants, hydroelectricity, nuclear.

Energy Grids Toolkit Features:

  • HD video Training course with Knowledge Check Quiz and Verifiable Certificate of Completion
  • Social Media Posts and Reusable Canva Templates
  • Presentation Slide Deck and Reusable Canva Template
  • Shareable written reports for your company’s publications and newsletters and Reusable Canva Template

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Learn More about Energy Grids

Check out our course on Energy Grids

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