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Happy Earth Day From Ecodemy

Earth Day is an annual awareness day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of global events including 1 billion people, in more than 193 countries!

Today is an opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for change around the issues most impacting our planet. There are lots of ways to make Earth Day, Everyday!

Here are 10 ways that we like to celebrate, here at Ecodemy!

-Spend time in nature at a local park, or by going for a walk/hike

-Volunteer! Join a local trash clean-up in the community

-Remove waste from the shoreline to help protect our Great Lakes!

-Watch a documentary/read a book/listen to a podcast to learn more about the environment

-Try a creative up-cycling project with an item you may have considered to be waste

-Bring your own jars to your local refill store for snacks and grocery items

-Sign a petition for an environmental cause that you feel passionate about!

-Donate to an environmental justice organization

-Take an online course at ecodemy.ca to learn more about topics related to sustainability!

-Start your seeds! Wildflowers and Native Plants are great for our pollinators: Bonus points if you reuse pots and containers!

Learn more about Earth Day 2024

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