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Interview with Jess Raaymakers

With the first stage of the Single-Use Plastics ban well underway with the restriction of imported and
manufactured single-use plastics on the naughty list, we are looking for new and inspiring technology to
create solutions. One company that is leading the pack is A Friendlier Company, who specializes in
reusable takeaway containers.

How does it work? This company sells its signature blue containers in lots of different sizes to local restaurants and food service venues. They then pack customers’ orders in the containers and pass along the deposit cost for a refund by the customer later in their blue designated bins. It’s straightforward and a great way to reduce single-use plastic waste in one of the highest offending areas – takeaway food service.

We talked to one of the participating businesses, The Downtown Market in Sarnia, Ontario, to ask about her experience recently implementing this company’s container program.

Q: We heard you brought in A Friendlier Company recently; how did you find out about them and how was your experience implementing their reusable container program?
A: I contacted AFC after seeing an advertisement; they made it very easy and truly are very friendly!
Great people to work with.

Q: Why did you choose to use their containers?
A: I started to use A Friendlier Company at the Downtown Market to eliminate our use of single-use plastics. They will mainly be used for our frozen meals but will be used everywhere we can.

Q: I know this is new, but what has the customer feedback been so far?
A: Customers have been very receptive to the upgrade, including the small fee that is fully refundable
upon container return, and of course, they are all very happy to reduce, reuse and recycle. I just put the
first meal on yesterday, so haven’t had much feedback yet, but so far, people like the concept!

We absolutely love this idea here at Ecodemy and look forward to watching this company grow to
combat SUPs. So far, they’ve had 300,000+ containers reused through their program instead of hitting the landfill – amazing! You can learn more about the company here (www.friendlier.ca) and ask your
local food establish to consider implementing this solution in your community

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