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Microplastics Course

Introducing Ecodemy’s latest course: Microplastics

Microplastics are small plastic pieces, 5 mm or less in length, that exist in our environment. They come from a variety of sources, including from larger plastic debris that degrades into smaller and smaller pieces. These pieces accumulate and wreak havoc on marine life, land animals, human health, waterways and soil quality. Microplastics are the most prevalent type of marine debris in oceans and great lakes.

In this course, we will explore the world of microplastics, including their origins, properties, prevalence, and most importantly, the solutions to tackle this issue. We will discuss what microplastics are, how they are formed through plastic pollution, and their harmful impacts on marine life, land animals, human health, waterways, and soil quality. Furthermore, we will explore various sources of microplastics such as clothing fibres, mismanaged waste, beauty products, and transportation spills. Throughout the course, we will touch upon the need for standardized research methods and the importance of individual actions, policy changes, and technological advancements to address the problem of microplastics effectively.

Ecodemy Education’s purpose is to deliver engaging sustainability education tools to build a foundation for a greener future.  This Material Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #6, #12, #14, and #15.

Microplastics Toolkit Features:

  • HD video Training course with Knowledge Check Quiz and Verifiable Certificate of Completion
  • Social Media Posts and Reusable Canva Templates
  • Presentation Slide Deck and Reusable Canva Template
  • Shareable written reports for your company’s publications and newsletters and Reusable Canva Template

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